How do I record a Diary entry?

To record a diary entry in the ControlMyWeight web diary, click on the orange add (+) circle located at the bottom right of the Diary page. Select Note, Food, Exercise, or Check In to make a new entry.

Steps to record a food entry are as follows:

  • Select the orange add (+) circle located at the bottom right of the Diary page
  • Select a meal category  
  • Use the search bar, which is located at the top left of the Diary page, to locate the item that you wish to record
  • Enter a search term under the magnifying glass or click on the clock icon to select from recently recorded items.
  • Select your desired item from the list of search results. The item will be placed into the meal category in your Diary.
  • Click on the item in your Diary to edit the quantity and serving size. If needed, use decimals to edit quantity (e.g. .5 for half a serving). Click on the small arrow to the right of the item to view additional selections such as serving size options. Energy and highlighted nutrient values automatically adjust as the item is edited.
  • Click anywhere outside of the entry to save and exit

Note: By default, food entries are recorded as snacks if a meal category is not selected prior to selecting items from the food database. Click and drag items from one meal category to another if necessary.