Some data in your database/book doesn't match what's on the food label. Why is this?

We are continually updating our online database, whereas the book ("The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter") is updated annually with minor revisions for reprints. There may be transition periods where reformulated food products have not come to our notice. We also round figures to the nearest whole number for ease of calculation.

Serving sizes may be be unrealistically small for some products and may be altered to reflect more realistic portions.

Our data may also incorporate an allowance for the actual weight of a food product versus the stated weight. Most packaged foods have at least 5-10% more product than is stated on the label, and some snack food bars and cakes can contain as much as 40-50% more product. Data on the food label is calculated on the stated minimum weight - not on the actual weight. Thus, data on food labels is generally underestimated for the total contents.

Incorrect data sometimes appears on food labels as the result of typographical errors or incorrect interpretation of laboratory analysis. Food company websites can also contain errors. We do our best to thoroughly check data provided by food companies.