Palm OS Software FAQ

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about's Palm OS Software

How do I redownload the CalorieKing Diet Diary for Palm OS?

If you need to reinstall the CalorieKing Diet Diary for Palm OS you can download it below:

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When I enter my registration code in the Diet Diary for Palm OS version 4.0 a message appears saying that it is invalid or incorrect

Our registration codes are dependent on a Palm OS device's hotsync username. If we are provided with an incorrect hotsync username then the registration code will be reported as invalid. To find out what your correct hotsync username is, tap on the register button on the Diet Diary's startup screen. Your correct hotsync username will be displayed in bold.

If you have entered the wrong hotsync username please contact us with the following details:

1. The correct Hotsync Username
2. The exact version of the software you are using


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Where can I get the latest food database?

Food database updates are available on the website below:

Download Database Updates

These database updates are automatically generated once a week on a Saturday.

The full database version includes every food on the website while the optimized food database includes the 10,000 most popular foods.

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I hard reset/replaced the batteries on my Palm device and the Diet Diary for Palm OS software reports the static databases missing.

When a Palm OS device has its batteries removed or is hard reset our static exercise and food database files are not backed up (the myfoods, myexercises and all your personal data is backed up). You will notice when you run the software after doing the above it will report "missing static databases".

You can reinstall these databases by downloading the zip archive of our software here (version 4.0).

Once downloaded, open this zip archive and then reinstall the following files to your Palm device using the Palm Quick Install Tool.

ckexercises.pdb (static exercise database)

ckfoods.pdb (full food database)
ckfoods_small.pdb (10,000 food optimised database)

Please note that you can only install one of the food database files.

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How can I add custom foods to the Palm OS Diet Diary ?

Included in the Diet Diary for Palm OS is a custom food database called "MyFoods". In this database you can enter custom foods that don't necessarily appear, as well as categories.

To enter a food into the "MyFoods" database, start the software and select the database. In the top right hand corner of the screen, a small triangle icon is displayed with the word "CKFoods" next to it. Tap on this small triangle and a drop-down menu will appear. Select "MyFoods" from this menu.

Next access the dynamic menu. To do this tap on the menu icon in the silkscreen area of your Palm OS device. A drop-down menu will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen. In this menu you can select to create a new food or category.

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How do I use the copy and paste function in the Diet Diary for Palm OS ?

The software contains functionality that will allow you to copy and paste items from the main food database into the custom "MyFoods" database.

Browse in the database to the food you would like to copy. You will see a small "C" icon inside a box displayed at the top of the screen - tap on it. This will copy that food.


Next select "MyFoods" by tapping on the drop down menu icon on the silkscreen area of your Palm device.

Create or select a category if you wish to and then click on the small "P" icon inside a box displayed at the top of the screen. This will then paste the copied food into the selected category.

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Do you have a version of the Handheld Diet Diary for the Apple iPhone?

The CalorieKing Calorie Counter is now available, free of charge in the Apple App Store.  

Please visit the link below to download and install it:


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Need More Help?

If your question isn't answered here, you can send us a support email and we will get back to you soon.